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We are committed to consciousness,

to knowing ourselves more,

to sovereignty and magic,

and to compassion and love.



Our classes focus on healing, being in service, and opening to all of life's magic.

Transpersonal means going beyond or transcending the ways we personally limit ourselves. 

Together, we strive to create new options for our world that move us out of scarcity, power-over, and shame/guilt/blame thinking. We believe these types of thinking narrow our options.

We believe in healing.  

Healing to us, is giving ourselves the grace and space to respect and metabolize the changes, lessons, pain, and preciousness of all we have been through. To honor who we are now, and what it is we need now.

We believe in self sovereignty.

To know and follow what is best for our lives, we stay skeptical and curious around beliefs that tell us to never trust ourselves and remain afraid.  We understand that fear creates a veneer that appears to limit our choices and can create an unnecessary and detrimental wall between one another.

We believe the practice of supporting a sense of sovereignty in an individual will also lead to supporting it in our communities by standing up for human rights, and being in greater service to what is needed now in our world.

We believe in a bold reclaiming and a return to magic...

a return to magical thinking and a celebrated acknowledgment that we are co creating our life with many moving pieces and expressions as well as a higher power and mystery.

We believe in a return to trusting our own magic, because that is holy.

We regularly introduce practices and tools that help us better understand our energy.

We honor our ancestors and where we came from, as well as open to new perspectives that allow us to do better as a people. We also work to strengthen and restore our intuition.


We are an ally with LGTBQIA2S+ and systemically minoritized groups.

We welcome you, hello! Thank you for being here. 

Please visit our class listings each month for new offerings or sign up for our new/full moon newsletter to receive class schedules plus astrological insights from Complete Human Astrologer, Mary Nicosia.  Big love.

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Our teachers and friends

"We are all just walking each other home."  -Ram Dass

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